State Legislation and Funding

Transportation and housing solutions are keys to addressing climate change and social inequity.

More than a third of the state’s climate pollution comes from transportation. And at the same time, too many Californians still struggle to find effective, affordable ways to get where we need to go. Outdated and inefficient investments in highways carry a high cost for taxpayers, community health, and the climate — while too many are stuck in traffic, or stuck without options at all.

California’s leaders have set ambitious goals to reduce climate emissions, and many of them share our commitment to reversing decades of disinvestment and exclusion in order to create an equitable future. Over the past ten years, we’ve engaged diverse partners in coalitions and campaigns to build a voice in Sacramento for sustainable communities and transportation equity.

We continue to work with the Legislature, the Administration, allied organizations, and voters to advance a future where all Californians can live in communities with healthy, reliable, and affordable transportation choices.

Priority legislation we are following in the 2021-22 legislative session:

SB 9 ( Atkins ) - Support
Streamline the process for a homeowner to create a duplex or subdivide an existing lot up in most residential areas.
AB 1110 ( Rivas ) - Support
Helps small and rural jurisdictions and other public entities purchase EVs with bulk purchasing and other financing options.
AB 1401 ( Friedman ) - Support
Prohibits local governments from imposing parking minimums if a development is within 1/2 mile walking distance of public transit or within a low-VMT area.
AB 1487 ( Gabriel ) - Support
Provide eviction prevention services and legal assistance to vulnerable renters.
AB 629 ( Chiu ) - Support
Sets deadlines for the coordination of Bay Area transit fares, signage and wayfinding, and real time arrival information among the region’s transit agencies.
SCA 2 ( Allen ) - Support
Repeal of constitutional prohibition against building low income housing by government entity without a vote of the electorate.
ACA 1 ( Aguiar-Curry ) - Support
Lower the necessary voter threshold from a two-thirds supermajority to 55 percent to approve local general obligation bonds and special taxes for affordable housing and public infrastructure projects.
AB 550 ( Chiu ) - Support
Establishes a Speed Safety System Pilot Program in Los Angeles, Oakland, San Jose, San Francisco, and one other Southern California city, to use cameras for automated speed detection and enforcement on city streets.
SB 91 ( Chiu ) - Support
This bill extended many COVID-19-related tenant protections until July 1, 2021, providing a measure of protection against eviction for tenants whose ability to afford rent has been affected by the pandemic.
AB 455 ( Bonta ) - Support
Authorizes the creation of a transit-only lane on the Bay Bridge, including peak commute bus speed and reliability targets.