Statement on SFMTA Scooter Share Permit Approvals

August 30, 2018

Statement by Clarrissa Cabansagan, New Mobility Policy Director, on SFMTA's Scooter Share Permit Approvals

Today we finally learned that Scoot and Skip will receive permits to operate e-scooters in San Francisco. TransForm had joined Lyft’s permit application in the hopes of providing a robust and meaningful community engagement plan for their scooter network. We’re disappointed our application was not chosen, and will be watching closely to see how the winning companies conduct equity outreach

TransForm is working to ensure that racial and economic equity are central to the deployment of scooter share, and that ridership reflects the racial and economic makeup of local communities. We did this in coordinating Bay Area-wide outreach about Ford GoBike’s Bike Share for All discounted memberships, which resulted in the highest proportion of discounted memberships for low-income riders of any bike share system in the country — 20% of all Ford GoBike memberships as of June 2018.

Scooters have the potential to affordably improve mobility for residents and reduce congestion and pollution in San Francisco. To make it work though, every company needs to ensure equitable access and improve safety for both scooter riders and pedestrians.

Whoever provides scooter share, we want to see outreach that is shaped and delivered by the people and communities that are too often an afterthought for new mobility companies. Their outreach should create living wage jobs, include meaningful consultation from the beginning, and be integrated as a key feature into operations and all marketing efforts — that’s what we’ll be looking for when scooters reappear on the streets of San Francisco.