Statement from TransForm on AB 69 (Perea)

State leaders should stay the course for healthy communities

For Immediate Release: July 3rd, 2014

Joshua Stark, TransForm, (916) 893-2181 (cell), [email protected]


Today, California Assemblymember Henry Perea altered his bill, AB 69, to exempt the oil industry from the state's AB 32 climate change law for the next three years. Transportation emissions are the single largest source in California, accounting for 40 percent of California’s climate-warming carbon pollution. Transportation fuels are slated to come under the cap beginning in 2015 and the oil industry is making its own push to duck compliance. If passed, Perea's bill would allow the industry to achieve this goal.

In response, TransForm state policy director Joshua Stark issued the following statement:

"Californians want state leaders to do everything they can to create healthier communities with real and affordable transportation choices – particularly for our most vulnerable residents.

"Instead, Assemblymember Perea has proposed the opposite with AB 69. As amended today, this bill would undermine our state’s efforts to cut carbon emissions and invest in a dynamic and sustainable economy.

"Public support for acting on climate change has only strengthened in California over the last eight years since AB 32 passed. Californians overwhelmingly want investments in sustainable communities with transportation and housing choices that fight climate change, save them money, improve public health and quality of life, and spur economic development.

"This year our leaders in Sacramento responded by adopting a budget that will dedicate billions of dollars from the state's cap-and-trade auction proceeds to expand transit, increase biking and walking, and build affordable energy-efficient homes near transit over the next several years.  What’s more, this budget will dedicate at least 25% of proceeds to long-suffering communities that are already overburdened by pollution and most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

"We are on the verge of a giant shift toward a cleaner, healthier, more prosperous California, with rewards for our climate and our most disadvantaged communities.  This is the future Californians support. We urge Mr. Perea to drop AB 69 and join our efforts in making this vision a reality."