Our climate investment priorities

Photo credit: Brandon Matthews
What does it take to create a healthy, sustainable, and fair community?

We believe that better public transportation, safer walking and biking, greener neighborhoods, and more affordable homes near transit are the key to reducing and adapting to climate change. That’s especially true in low-income and disadvantaged communities that are disproportionately impacted by pollution, economic disinvestment, and other harms.

With our partners in the Sustainable Communities for All Coalition, TransForm advocates for our climate funds to be invested in innovative, integrated, and inclusive solutions at the community level. Each year, our coalition platform calls for the specific investments we believe will advance our vision of healthy, sustainable, and fair communities.

Read our 2018 funding priorities platform.

Learn more about specific programs that we think are critical to creating healthy, sustainable, and fair communities.

For more information about our funding priorities, please contact Joshua Stark.