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Take Action

Endorse ReX! Regional Express Transit Network to connect the Bay Area

ReX would make it easier for millions of residents to get around the region on transit. It is designed to connect the Bay Area’s transit systems, minimize travel times and wait times, and broaden access to regional rapid transit service. The core of the ReX network is intended to run on TransForm’s proposal for a fully connected system of express lanes, building on the network that is already beginning to take shape on the Bay Area’s freeways. Learn more about ReX.

Whether you’re an individual or you represent an organization that wants ReX, endorse the concept here.

Tell transit agencies to study regional integrated transit fares in the Bay Area

The Bay Area has 27 transportation agencies, and many require separate fares, even with the Clipper Card. Yet in June 2019, Clipper's executive board recently decided AGAINST studying the costs and benefits of an integrated regional fare system. It's time to dragging our feet on regional initiatives that would make transit easier to use and more affordable. Our friends at Seamless Bay Area are pushing to make that vision a reality, and you can help