Take Action

Take Action

Take action to support fare-free transit for CA Youth

Send a message to your state senators to pass AB 1350, which would require transit agencies to provide free transit passes to all Californians under age 18, regardless of income or educational status. 

Join us to pass Measure J in Contra Costa County in the March 2020 election

Volunteer wtih TransForm and our friends at Bike East Bay to phone-bank, door-knock, and flyer to help spread the word to vote Yes on Measure J. This is a great way to support walkable, bikeable, transit-friendly communities during this election season.

Endorse ReX! Regional Express Transit Network to connect the Bay Area

ReX would make it easier for millions of residents to get around the region on transit. It is designed to connect the Bay Area’s transit systems, minimize travel times and wait times, and broaden access to regional rapid transit service. The core of the ReX network is intended to run on TransForm’s proposal for a fully connected system of express lanes, building on the network that is already beginning to take shape on the Bay Area’s freeways. Learn more about ReX.

Whether you’re an individual or you represent an organization that wants ReX, endorse the concept here.