TransForm statement on American Jobs Plan

For Immediate Release: March 31, 2021

On March 31, the Biden Administration unveiled the American Jobs Plan, a plan to invest $2 trillion into American infrastructure, workforce development, research, and innovation.

Darnell Grisby, the executive director of TransForm and a newly appointed member of the California Transportation Commission, released this statement.

“President Biden’s American Jobs Plan would usher in a new era of economic growth that is more just and sustainable than anything this country has seen before. After decades of impasse on infrastructure in Washington, the president’s plan is big and bold enough to make up for lost time and get our economy — and our people — back on track.

"There is a lot to be excited about in this plan for transportation, affordable housing, and historically underserved communities. As we’ve called for, Biden’s plan includes more money for public transit than it does for highways — $165 billion combined for transit and rail, and $115 billion for roads and bridges. After many years of highways receiving the lion’s share of funding, this is a welcome shift that is absolutely necessary and appropriate to meet the challenge of climate change and increase mobility for millions of Americans. It would double the federal investment in public transit and increase support for passenger rail nationwide by more than 400% over eight years.

"As part of a much-needed $213 billion investment plan for affordable housing, Biden would incentivize communities to eliminate exclusionary zoning policies such as mandatory parking requirements, prohibitions on multifamily housing, and minimum lot sizes. TransForm has long worked against such policies, which were often created to enforce racial segregation and now help make housing unaffordable for most Americans of all races.

"The American Jobs Plan is perhaps the most powerful example we have yet seen of an antiracist policy proposal. Throughout the plan, there are proposals to undo racist policies of the past and ensure that those who have been most impacted by white power and white supremacy over the years see real benefits. But make no mistake — every American would enjoy the benefits of this plan, and providing equity and opportunity to those who need it most will give our entire economy a huge boost."