TransForm Statements on November 2016 Election Results


Edie Irons, Communications Director: 510-334-1344 (cell), [email protected]

TransForm staff speak out about the November 8, 2016 election results. 

Joël Ramos, Regional Planning Director at TransForm, on Measure RR:

“Thank you to all the Bay Area voters who voted to reinvest in the BART system we all rely on. They saw through the political attacks to the urgent need to keep BART safe and reliable as a lifeline for working people, families, and our economy. The passage of Measure RR sets BART up to finally do what we’ve been calling on them to do for years — focus on improving the core system and serving existing riders better.”

Brytanee Brown, Community Planner at TransForm, on Measure A1 in Alameda County:

“The housing crisis in Alameda is serious, and Measure A1 is going to provide serious relief. Thank you to the overwhelming majority of Alameda County voters who recognized this and voted yes. The affordable housing programs in this measure are critical to creating connected and sustainable communities where long-time residents can stay in their homes and close to their families, neighbors, and history.”

Clarrissa Cabansagan, Senior Community Planner at TransForm, on Measure C1 in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties:

“Thank you to Alameda and Contra Costa County voters for continuing to invest in AC Transit bus service that so many people depend on to get to work, school, health care, and wherever they need to go. AC Transit is a lifeline for low-income residents, communities of color, working people, the disabled, and seniors. With so many tax measures on the ballot this year, it’s encouraging that an overwhelming majority of voters agreed that dependable transit service is worth investing in.”

Chris Lepe, Senior Community Planner at TransForm, on Measures A and B in Santa Clara County:

“Measures A and B would help address two of the biggest challenges facing our communities — affordable housing and transportation. As of Wednesday morning, Measure A looks well positioned to pass, though it is still to close to call with 67% of the vote. Measure B seems like a safe bet with more than 70% of the vote.

“If it passes, Measure A will provide meaningful relief to the people most heavily affected by the housing crisis. It’s a credit to our county that voters recognize the problem and are stepping up to address it. Measure A alone won’t solve our housing affordability problem, but it’s a major step in the right direction.

“Measure B will give Santa Clara County the resources it needs to improve public transportation, repair our crumbling roads, and make walking and biking safer, more popular transportation options. Moving forward, we’ll be pushing to make sure the money for roads benefits all road users and results in meaningful congestion reduction without impacting our climate.”