Transportation Equity Summit

Where advocates from across California learn, connect, and strategize for transportation equity.

Since 2012, TransForm’s state summit has strengthened the growing statewide movement for transportation equity. Our summit draws advocates from a range of issue areas to collaborate for a future where all Californians, especially the most vulnerable, have access to affordable, reliable, safe, and healthy ways to get around.

To make this future a reality, transportation planning and investments must prioritize the needs of low-income communities, people of color, seniors, students, people with disabilities, and other historically underrepresented groups — who often also suffer the worst impacts of climate pollution. With our annual summit (and every day), we and our allies are keeping these priorities on the front burner in Sacramento and across the state.

About the Summit

The day-long Transportation Equity Summit brings together leaders, advocates and decision-makers from a wide range of issue areas.

Public health Labor
Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Student organizing
Racial, social, and economic justice Transportation
Housing and more!
Disability rights  

We gather in Sacramento from across the state to share, learn, connect, and coordinate. There are panels and discussions with experts and legislative leaders on a range of topics, plus attendees break into groups based on geography and issue areas to discuss strategy. Past panel topics have included:

  • Funding Transportation Through Local Ballot Measures: Lessons from communities about what works, what doesn’t work, and how to move forward with one.
  • Statewide Advocates and Grassroots Partnership: how to ensure a two-way street of benefit and participation
  • Strengthening California’s Greenhouse Gas Reduction Goals and Investing in Our Communities
  • Green Economy Local and Regional Efforts to Improve Active Transportation Advocacy 101: Speaking to Decision Makers

The day after the Summit, we sometimes host an optional Advocacy Day at the State Capitol. In groups based on region, we visit California legislators’ offices and the Governor to discuss state policy and legislation in support of transportation equity.

Learn More

See the report-backs from past summits for photos, highlights, and more.