Valley Transit Authority (VTA) Funding Measure 2016

A better way forward for Silicon Valley

It’s no secret: Santa Clara County’s roads are crumbling and the bustling economy is forcing drivers and transit users alike to spend more time stuck in traffic. At the same time, inequality is on the rise and the skyrocketing cost of housing and transportation is straining low and middle income families across Silicon Valley. We are reminded on a daily basis that climate change is contributing to our State’s historic drought, which is in turn putting a strain on the economy and our way of life.

Santa Clara County is expected to grow by the equivalent of two times the size of the City of Sunnyvale over the next fifteen years, which will further strain our transportation network, the environment, and our quality of life. That is, unless we make smart investments today and increase funding to promote walking, biking, car-sharing, carpooling, and transit use.

The Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) is engaging multiple stakeholders and the community to guide the development of a potential funding measure in 2016, which could generate billions of dollars in the next generation of transportation investments for Silicon Valley. This process, called Envision Silicon Valley, has major ramifications for our future and we have very important decisions to make as a community. Do we want to continue on the same auto-centric path that has led to some of the worse commutes in the nation, or are we ready for a paradigm shift where our investments are based on principles of health, safety, sustainability, and equity for all?

TransForm is working with a wide variety of organizations in the South Bay, building on over a decade of collaboration and advocacy, to help shape VTA’s 2016 funding measure. To get engaged, visit VTA’s Envision Silicon Valley website or contact TransForm’s Senior Community Planner, Chris Lepe

Take action today to ensure that the VTA Board crafts a transportation sales tax measure that addresses community needs.


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