Walking & Biking

We need to make walking and bicycling safe, convenient, and preferred for more trips.

But in too many places, it’s downright scary to walk or bike. From dangerous intersections to speeding cars, the reality is that nearly 20% of auto-related fatalities involve pedestrians and bicyclists.

We can – and must – make our streets and sidewalks places where everyone, no matter whether they’re eight or 80, on a bike or in a wheelchair, can be safe and comfortable getting around.

TransForm works in a range of ways at the local, regional, and state levels to make walking and bicycling better in the Bay Area and all of California.  Explore our different campaigns and programs:

Transportation Choices Summit

Bringing together activists from across California to learn, connect, strategize, and win change. 


State Legislation

Championing laws that improve transit, make streets safer, and strengthen communities.


Shared Mobility

Ensuring that shared and new mobility choices don't leave communities behind.


Safe Routes to Schools

Getting the next generation walking, biking, and riding transit as a way of life.


Key Funding Measures

Local ballot measures could yield billions in transportation dollars if passed by Bay Area voters. 


State Funding Campaign

Significant new funds are needed to transform California’s communities and transportation.

people biking in a protected laneSafe Routes to Transit

Local projects make getting to public transportation on foot or bike safer and easier.