Tracking the benefits of climate investments

Photo Credit: Brandon Matthews
See how climate investments are benefiting Californians

Faster, more frequent transit service. Homes people can afford, in places they want to live. Water efficiency that saves money, energy, and reduces the impact of our drought. Increased protection of our state forests. And this is just the beginning.

California’s climate investments are creating real benefits for people and communities statewide. But don’t just take our word for it!

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Learn about the people and places that have been touched by climate investments. Visit our story bank to see how families, veterans, commuters, and others are benefiting from projects in their communities.

Visit the story bank.

Map the benefits

In the early years of California’s cap-and-trade program, it was hard to see the full impact of the state’s many climate investment programs. So TransForm created Climate Benefits for California, an interactive map that shows the first two years of projects funded by cap-and-trade revenues.

You can now find a map of all climate investments on the State of California website (which goes beyond the first two years of the program). State agencies maintain this map, which is also searchable and contains additional background information. Visit the State of California Climate Investment Map.