Media Contacts and Press Releases

TransForm is California’s leading transportation advocate and an award-winning nonprofit organization working in the San Francisco Bay Area and California. 

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While our communications staff is in transition in 2021, please contact Clarrissa Cabansagan, Director of Programs. She can coordinate with the appropriate staff to comment on a wide range of transportation and land use issues, including:

  • Statewide and Bay Area legislation 
  • Statewide and Bay Area ballot measures
  • The connection between housing and transportation (e.g. transit-oriented development, transportation demand management in new housing developments, etc.)
  • Emerging mobility technology and policy (e.g. Transportation Network Companies, bike share and car share, autonomous vehicles, etc.)
  • Residential and commercial parking policies
  • GreenTRIP and the GreenTRIP Connect tool (we offer tutorials for reporters!)
  • Express lanes, optimizing highways to move more people in less vehicles
  • Bus Rapid Transit
  • BART projects and funding


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