TransForm in the News

December 22, 2009
"By really focusing on this element--how much traffic [developments] generate--we think this tool is a huge complement to existing LEED and will serve an important function that LEED doesn't get to," said Stuart Cohen, TransForm's Executive Director. "The best thing is the reaction from cities and developers: they are hungry for this."
December 21, 2009
"This is the first program in the country dedicated to sustainability through travel demand management, not more capacity," said Stuart Cohen, Executive Director of TransForm, a smart growth and transportation advocacy organization.
December 17, 2009
Stuart Cohen, the executive director for TransForm, an  Oakland-based transit advocacy group, praised today's vote, saying it  "continues the MTC's reputation as an innovator and leader" and predicted it  will be copied by other transportation agencies across the country.

He said, "This makes the Bay Area the first region in the country  to have a program to cut global warming pollution by trying to decrease  demand on the roadways."

Cohen said that's important because "transportation is by far the  biggest source of global warming pollution in California and the country."
December 11, 2009

Critics acknowledged that the project was likely to be approved but criticized BART for not providing sufficient information about the project, not updating ridership figures and not giving due consideration to alternatives, including a less-costly rapid bus service. BART estimates that 4,350 passengers a day will ride the people mover - an estimate it updated earlier this year.

John Knox White of TransForm, a transit advocacy group, called on BART to delay the decision and take a harder look at the project.

"You need to have the information before you can vote," he said.

BART awards $492 million contract for people-mover tram to Oakland International Airport
December 11, 2009
John Knox White of Transform, an Oakland-based public transit advocacy group, said the people-mover is much more expensive and offers no better service than passengers would get if BART instead developed an express bus service to the airport.
December 11, 2009
John Knox White of TransForm, an Oakland-based advocacy group, also said he doesn't think the people mover service will be as quick as BART is projecting and he thinks there will be fewer riders than BART is estimating.
December 1, 2009
To transit watchers like Carli Paine, transportation program director of TransForm—a policy organization that advocates for public transit and more walkable communities—the possibility of service cutbacks seems inevitable. “It was a situation that was really waiting to happen,” she says, “because we don’t have long-term sustainable, stable funding for public transit operations.”
November 30, 2009
TransForm (formerly known as TALC, the Transportation and Land Use Coalition), has recently developed a program to integrate a host of otherwise independent green concerns, notably transportation and housing. The program — GreenTRIP — offers a type of smart growth certification for new residential and mixed-use developments.
November 21, 2009
"This report provides hard evidence that SB 375 … has the power to act as an economic driver," said Stuart Cohen, executive director of TransForm.
November 20, 2009
"The most astounding thing is that agencies pinch their pennies on transit and cut back and we feel like we can't afford not to save that service," said Stuart Cohen, Executive Director of TransForm. "We're already spending more than seven times as much as our agencies spend on public transit and roads just on buying and operating our vehicles."
November 19, 2009
TransForm's John Knox White talks about the discrepancy between the jobs BART says it will create with the Oakland Airport Connector project and the jobs it reported it would create when applying for federal stimulus funds. Some 5,300 jobs are touted by BART on its public website, 689 jobs were reported to the federal government.
November 19, 2009
By creating walkable neighborhoods with more transportation choices, Californians could save $31 million and cut greenhouse gas emissions by 34 percent, according to a study released Thursday by TransForm...
November 19, 2009
John Knox White, TransForm’s Program Director, noted that in the wake of service cutbacks on area bus lines, the ballooning public costs of the connector should give Bay Area transit planners pause. “BART has doubled the amount of public funding for this project,” he said. “We feel the RapidBART provides equal or similar service but is a far more cost-effective option.”
November 19, 2009
"People that are able to live in walkable communities, able to have shorter commutes and good transportation choices, spend a lot less money on transportation," said Cohen. "These same people are also emitting many, many fewer greenhouse gas emissions."
November 12, 2009
TransForm's Carli Paine joins the radio program and talks about transportation policy changes.