TransForm in the News

September 10, 2009
A coalition of environmental justice organizations filed a formal administrative complaint to the Federal Transportation Commission last week seeking to derail plans by the Bay Area Rapid Transit District to build a 3.2-mile rail connection between BART’s Coliseum Station and the Oakland Airport.
September 6, 2009

TransForm's John Knox White says, for instance, that the OAC was supposed to have a top speed of 45 mph. Now it's about 27 mph. He added that over the years, its projected ridership and job-creation numbers have steadily declined.

Knox White said that what was once a system designed to "seamlessly" whisk an air traveler from the Coliseum Station to the airport terminal lobby is now a micro transit system that would take passengers only as far as the western end of the airport's hourly and short-term parking lot.

BART passengers, he says, would have to carry bags downstairs and across a busy intersection to enter the airport terminal.

He notes that the OAC's fares, once quite reasonable at $4 for a round-trip ticket in 2000, would now cost passengers $12.

"BART's attitude is, 'This is the project. We're going to build it no matter what the cost. We are done talking about it,' " Knox White said during a recent interview.

September 4, 2009
The move by Public Advocates Inc. on behalf of TransForm, Urban Habitat and Genesis, comes after concerns over the controversial project fell on deaf ears at both BART and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission.
August 5, 2009
TransForm received a $112,500 grant to support its efforts to open a satellite office in San Jose to engage residents in advocating for express bus service in the Santa Clara-Alum Rock corridor. The grant also will help TransForm develop its [GreenTRIP] certification program, which encourages low-traffic developments. TransForm believes that if residents become engaged, they can change the way development decisions are made.
BART-Oakland Airport connector gets $140 million
July 22, 2009
"We're obviously very disappointed in the vote, particularly because many of the commissioners who voted in favor of the project expressed grave concerns about the (potential) ridership and the cost but ended up voting for it anyway," said Rebecca Saltzman of TransForm. "The good news is that the City of Oakland's public works committee will discuss the project at its September meeting, so the city will have a chance to weigh in on the matter."
July 22, 2009
"Transit service is a critical part of our transportation network," said Carli Paine, Transportation Program Director for TransForm. "And, by keeping our buses, trains and ferries running, operating funds accomplish a triple bottom-line: they provide access to people who rely on it, create jobs, and help meet climate and health goals."
Bay Area Residents Who Give Up Cars Steering Against the Flow
July 14, 2009

"I feel the society has groomed us to the allure and freedom of the car," said Andrea Tyler, outreach manager for TransForm.  "But the auto is no longer living up to its expectations because of the adverse affects on our healty and our environment."

July 9, 2009
Transit advocates, led by a group called TransForm, have been pushing for an alternative rapid bus system to ferry passengers between BART and the airport, and they say their plan could be built at a fraction of the cost.
July 8, 2009
"Look, this Connector costs too much," say opponents.
July 8, 2009
Stuart Cohen of TransForm, an Oakland-based public transit advocacy group, joined Perata at the news conference, saying he thought it would be more prudent to develop a rapid bus service from the Coliseum station to the airport because that would only cost between $45 million and $60 million.

Impacts of Pittsburg Transit Village Plans at Center of Discussion
July 6, 2009

Although pleased with some elements of the plan, Chris Schildt, of the transportation advocacy group TransForm, is concerned about pedestrian safety. Parts of sidewalks where people walk to the station platform on Railroad Avenue are too narrow, poorly lit and not designed to scale, she said.

Schildt suggests the plan look at wider sidewalks and better lighting and design. The eBART station would have stairs and elevators on both sides of Railroad Avenue.

"There's still some room for improvement," Schildt said.

June 25, 2009
.... A member of her school's Mountain Bike Team (this is California, after all), Lang didn't think twice about joining the car free challenge. "When my parents were my age they lived out in the 'burbs and had to drive to get places," she writes, "but my generation has watched An Inconvenient Truth in class and had school projects on carbon emissions. ... We are of a newer and more educated generation, and have been taught that cars are not entirely necessary to our existence." If she's right, the result could be quite different statistics indeed.
June 19, 2009
TransForm highlights wrong direction of the Oakland Airport Connector on KPFA FM 94.1.
June 18, 2009

Here I am at the beginning of week 3 of the challenge feeling amazed at how little I've actually driven compared to the last 20+ years!

June 7, 2009

"I had issues about using cars to begin with," said the hybrid-car owner, who as a kid didn't think twice about walking to school or the store. "I'm excited to do this."

She jumped when she heard about the challenge sponsored by TransForm, an advocacy group hoping to send a message that there's a "critical mass" of people out there who don't want to sit in traffic and pollute and are willing to try something new...  READ MORE AT