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Parking Revolution/Housing Solution
How You can become a housing champion

Parking Planning Best Practices

A major constraint to building desperately needed new housing is the requirements for excess parking many local governments impose. These mandates increase the cost of construction, reduce the space available for more homes or other amenities, and generate more driving and pollution. Thankfully, because of the state’s growing focus on meeting housing targets, there will be an explosion of local plans to reconsider these harmful parking mandates over the next couple of years.  

To take advantage of this incredible opportunity, TransForm published a new guide, Parking Revolution: Housing Solution. It shows how concerned residents, community advocates, and housing leaders can topple this major barrier to building more homes more affordably, and in the areas we want them most---  walkable neighborhoods near transit.

Please join us for a webinar that will illuminate the key solutions and how you can have the greatest impact as you advocate for smart parking strategies.  Panelists include a developer who will show examples of what it takes to create developments with much less parking and some of the benefits. 

Parking Revolution: Housing Solution (2023)

Most cities mandate an excessive amount of parking with new development, which increases the cost of homes and rents and generates more traffic and pollution. With dozens of cities about to reconsider these mandates, this easy-to-read report lays out the key solutions so you can advocate for more affordable, inclusive, climate-friendly communities.

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Webinar Replay - October 18th. 2023
Bay Area Focus

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