Policy Positions

TransForm's recent official positions, endorsements, and recommendations on state, regional, and local policy.

Letter to MTC encouraging Transit-Oriented Communities Policy meeting Plan Bay Area goals
May 2022, TransForm and five other organizations

Letter to MTC urging extensive community engagement around Transit-Oriented Communities Policy
May 2022, TransForm and four other organizations

Letter on how the state budget can fund programs that rebuild public transit ridership
April 2022, TransForm and 33 other organizations

Letter to MTC for bold transit-oriented communities policy principles
April 2022, TransForm and 12 other organizations

Letter responding to the governor's transportation relief package and gas tax rebate
March 2022, TransForm and 16 other organizations

Letter for strengthening guidelines to the State Highway Operations and Protection Program (SHOPP)
March 2022, TransForm and 18 other organizations

Letter for state funding for transit operations
March 2022, TransForm and 42 other organizations

Letter to oppose AB 371 - Bike and Scooter Share Liability
July 2021, TransForm

Public comment re: support for CAPTI
May 2021, TransForm

Letter to City of Berkeley re: BART parking
May 2021, TransForm

Letter to Congress re: investing in transit infrastructure and operations
April 2021, TransForm and 38 other organizations, coordinated by MoveLA

Support letter for AB 122 - Bike Safety at Stop Signs
March 2021, TransForm and more than 60 other organizations, coordinated by CA Bike Coalition

Letter to Bay Area public health officials Re: Prioritizing Frontline Transit Workers for Vaccination
March 2021, TransForm and almost 30 other organizations

Letter to MTC on Emergency Transit Operating Funding
January 2021, TransForm and almost 30 other organizations

Letter calling for federal funding for transit operations
December 2020, TransForm and more than 40 organizations, coordinated by the California Transportation Association

Comments on CTC staff recommendations for SB 1 program spending
November 2020, TransForm and several other organizations, coordinated by ClimatePlan

Comments on ABAG's Draft RHNA Methodology
November 2020, TransForm and 15 other organizations, coordinated by Public Advocates

Comments on California Transportation Plan 2050
October 2020, TransForm and 15 other organizations, coordinated by ClimatePlan

Comments on Guidelines for Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities program
October 2020, TransForm and 6 other organizations, coordinated by Enterprise Community Partners

Comment letter on concerns around Capitol Corridor realignment
August 2020, TransForm

Recommendations for COVID-19 Transportation Recovery in CA
July 2020, TransForm, ClimatePlan, and 39 other organizations

Call to de-police transportation in Berkeley
July 2020, Walk Bike Berkeley with five other organizations, including TransForm

Recommendations to MTC for Bay Area Express Lanes
June 2020, TransForm and SPUR

Letter to MTC re: protecting transit workers and riders
May 2020, TransForm and 9 other members of Voices for Public Transportation

May Revise Budget Recommendations for Transportation
May 2020, ClimatePlan and TransForm, with 21 other organizations

Letter supporting BART's Affordable Housing Land Discount policy
April 2020, TransForm

Letter to MTC re: adapting Bay Area transit service during pandemic
April 2020, Seamless Bay Area with 7 other organizations, including TransForm

Letter to MTC re: allocation of emergency FTA funds
April 2020, TransForm and 23 other organizations

Letter to Gov. Newsom and legislative leaders re: prioritizing transit funding in response to COVID-19
April 2020, TransForm and more than 15 other organizations

Letter to Gov. Newsom re: housing protections amidst COVID-19 crisis
March 2020, Housing Now! Coalition, including TransForm and more than 120 other organizations

Call for emergency federal funding for transit in COVID-19 relief package
March 2020, Transportation for America, including TransForm and 250 other organizations

Comment on Santa Rosa Draft Downtown and SMART Station Area Plan
December 2019, TransForm

Investment without Displacement Platform
April 2019, ClimatePlan network, including TransForm

Comments on Draft Proposal for Updated Sustainable Communities Strategy Program & Evaluations Guidelines
January 2019, TransForm and more than 20 other organizations

Recommendations for California Transportation Commission Appointments
January 2019, TransForm and more than 15 other organizations

Moving the Needle on Climate Change, Mobility, and Affordability
December 2018, Sustainable Communities for All coalition platform on continuous appropriations for California Climate Investments

Lead the Way California: A Transportation Platform to Move Us Forward
November 2018, Transform and more than 40 other organizations

Support for eliminating minimum parking requirements in San Francisco
November 2018, TransForm 

Support for San Mateo County Get Us Moving Final Investment Plan
July 2018, Transportation Equity Allied Movement Coalition (TEAMC)

Opposition to new citizenship question on 2020 US Census
July 2018, TransForm

Comments on San Mateo County Get Us Moving Draft Investment Plan
June 2018, Transportation Equity Allied Movement Coalition (TEAMC)

Comments on CPUC’s Proposed Driverless AV Passenger Service Rules
April 2018, TransForm

Support letter for statewide discounted student transit passes
April 2018, TransForm and more than 30 other organizations 

Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund budget platform
February 2018, Sustainable Communities for All coalition

Comments on the Draft EIR for the HWY 101 Managed Lanes Project
January 2018, TransForm

Comments on the Dumbarton Corridor Transportation Study
December 2017, TransForm

Comments on the San Mateo County Transportation Plan 2040
February 2017, San Mateo County Alliance to Renew Transportation (SMcART) coalition

A Community Vision and Transformative Policies for a New Transportation Sales Tax
January 2016, TransForm and more than 25 other organizations