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$3 Billion for BART's 43rd

This Friday, BART turns 43!

Since the system’s opening day on September 11, 1972, BART has seen many milestones. There have been big earthquakes, tech booms, and eight new American presidents (check out President Nixon and his wife, Pat, taking their first BART ride).

Then there are the personal moments that BART made possible: we've taken BART to countless football, basketball, and baseball games – and to many championship parades too! BART helped us celebrate PRIDE and the Supreme Court’s Marriage Equality decision.

But most importantly, BART’s been there everyday to make sure we can get to class and work on time, visit our doctors and take care of our children, and see our family and friends.

Over the past 43 years, it’s kept the Bay Area (and all of its 400,000+ weekday passengers!) moving. That’s not just impressive, it’s essential.

So how should we celebrate BART's birthday? How about asking our BART Directors to show BART a little love with a $3 billion funding measure on the 2016 ballot.

BART is not immune to the wear and tear of time, and 43 years has taken its toll. BART’s list of maintenance woes is long, and even though the BART Board of Directors have taken much needed steps towards fixing and improving service, so much remains to be done. Thanks to emails from TransForm supporters, BART Directors have already increased the amount of money they were originally going to ask for.

So let's ask for more!

BART needs $4.8 billion dollars to close its budget gap and take care of repairs and improvements. If the BART Board of Directors decides to put a $3 billion funding measure on the ballot, it will be a huge step in supporting BART riders and revitalizing the backbone of the Bay Area’s transportation network.

There’s no better time than BART’s birthday to let our BART Directors know you care about investing in comfortable, affordable, safe, and reliable BART service.

Tell your BART Director that you support a $3 billion funding measure on the 2016 ballot!

Let’s bring in BART’s forty-fourth year with a bang – more funding, better service, and another 40+ years of our beloved Bay Area Rapid Transit.


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