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Gearing Up for Bike to School Day 2024

Updated: 3 days ago

It’s just one month to the bikey-est day of the year: May 16 is Bike to Work Day and Bike to School Day (B2SD) in the Bay Area. Volunteers will staff energizer stations along popular bike routes, handing out treats, stickers, and musette bags to adults and youth who arrive by bike. 

And every day in May is a Bike to Wherever Day. Find out more and register for the Bay Area Bike Challenge to log your miles. It’s a great way to challenge yourself to ride more and rediscover the joy of getting around on two wheels as the weather turns warmer.

For students from elementary through high school, Bike to School Day celebrates everyone who arrives on wheels, whether that’s a bike, scooter, or roller skates. Youth don’t have to be able to afford a bike to participate.

What’s special about Bike to School Day?

The Alameda County Safe Routes to Schools (SR2S) Program promotes walking and rolling to school throughout the year. On B2SD, elementary school students will get stickers for biking or rolling to school. We have bike lights for middle and high school students, and some high schools will have their own energizer stations with tote bags and refreshments. 

Many schools will have bike trains on B2SD. A bike train, or bike bus, is a group of youth and adults who ride together to school, with more people joining along the route, just like getting on a school bus. Riding together is fun, promotes visibility, and gives students safety in numbers with adult guidance on riding safely. 

More than 70 schools in Alameda County are participating in B2SD this year. We hope you’ll join in the celebration, wherever you’re biking to.


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