Innovation Required: Moving More People with Less Traffic


How to improve Highway 101 in San Mateo County, save millions, and give commuters more choices


Jeff Hobson and Joseph Kott

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San Mateo County has a traffic problem, and if we don’t pursue innovative solutions, traffic will only get worse. Optimized High Occupancy Toll (HOT) lanes are a new approach that would move nearly twice as many people on the Highway 101 and result in less traffic than the county’s current proposal – but innovative policy is needed to make this scenario a reality.

Innovation Required: Moving More People with Less Traffic proposes that San Mateo County study Optimized HOT lanes as a strategy on Highway 101 to make best use of highway lanes, reduce traffic, and fund an expansion of public transit, vanpools, and other transit alternatives that are affordable and accessible to all. With state approval, an Optimized HOT lane network would not only address San Mateo County’s traffic problem, but also set an important model for the entire Bay Area to follow.