San Diego and SB 375: Lessons from California's first Sustainable Communities Strategy


Eliot Rose, Stuart Cohen and Autumn Bernstein

Year Published: 


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The report takes a comprehensive look at California's first Sustainable Communities Strategy (SCS) and analyzes why it didn’t achieve the GHG reductions that many hoped it would.  

As other regions across the state are poised to also adopt their own SCS, this report picks also out some of the best practices and important lessons to help California's Metropolitan Planning Organizations and community stakeholders learn from SANDAG’s experience. 

Reversing a decades-long trend of planning for sprawl is going to take a serious commitment to continually refining the SCS process.  SANDAG’s SCS had some real shortcoming and set some important precedents.  It also clarified that SB 375 can have an impact but will require a more concerted, intensive effort to both meet greenhouse gas goals and create great, affordable communities.