AB 1279

Promoting Housing Production in High-Resource Areas


Bloom - Santa Monica

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Removing land use barriers to equitable and inclusive development in high-resource areas is an essential part of addressing California’s housing crisis and increasing choice and opportunity for low-income families. AB 1279 identifies high-resource areas with strong indicators of exclusionary patterns and subjects these areas to zoning overrides to encourage the production of both small-scale market-rate housing projects and larger-scale mixed-income affordable projects.

This bill would require the Department of Housing and Community Development to designate "high-resource areas" and require these areas to allow housing development "by-right", if these developments meet certain criteria, including affordability requirements and restrictions on demolitions of homes with tenants, or having had tenants the previous ten years.

The bill would authorize a city or county to appeal the designation of an area within its jurisdiction as a high-resource area. In any area designated as a high-resource area. This bill, by requiring approval of certain development projects as a use by right, would expand the exemption for ministerial approval of projects under CEQA.