AB 1640

Priority funding for transportation in low-income communities


E. Garcia (D- Coachella)


Bloom, Chiu

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Regional Transportation Improvement Program (RTIP) funding has been primarily used to build new roads and highways, often causing harm to low-income urban neighborhoods from destruction, displacement, isolation, and/or increased pollution. AB 1640 would reserve 25% of each region's RTIP funds for projects that provide direct, meaningful benefits to low-income communities.

Regions would map transportation-disadvantaged low-income communities, define how investments could benefit those communities, and fund the participation of low-income residents in the planning process. Ensuring a fair share of transportation dollars benefit disadvantaged communities and protects them from harm will make a healthier environment and climate and expand access to opportunity, so our economy and society will work better for everyone. This would also begin to help communities emerge from under the burden created by years of inequitable transportation investments. This bill is part of the Transportation Equity Package we are sponsoring along with many partner organizations.

AB 1640 has become a two-year bill and will be considered during the 2018 legislative session.