AB 285

California Transportation Plan


Friedman - Glendale


Senator Allen

Bill Status: 

Signed by the Governor

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This bill would require the department to address in the California Transportation Plan how the state will achieve maximum feasible emissions reductions in order to attain a statewide reduction of greenhouse gas emissions of 40% below 1990 levels by the end of 2030 and attain the air quality goals described in California’s state implementation plans required by the federal Clean Air Act. Additionally, the bill would require the department to include specified information in the 2025 plan, a review with the relevant agencies, of the potential impacts and opportunities for coordination of grant programs and recommendations for the improvement of the programs to better align them to meet long-term common goals. The bill would require the department to complete an interim report by January 31, 2022, that contains the new information required to be included in the 3rd and subsequent updates to the plan. The bill would add environmental justice to the subject areas that the plan is required to consider for the movement of people and freight