AB 550

Vehicles: Speed Safety System Pilot Program


Chiu, Friedman


Wiener, Ting, Lee, Wicks

Bill Status: 

Under consideration by Assembly committee

Transform Position: 


The bill establishes a Speed Safety System Pilot Program in Los Angeles, Oakland, San Jose, San Francisco, and one other Southern California city, to use cameras for automated speed detection and enforcement on city streets. Though such technology has been widely proven to reduce traffic fatalities, it is not currently allowed in CA.

From the bill text:

The bill would require the participating cities or city and county to adopt a Speed Safety System Use Policy and a Speed Safety System Impact Report before implementing the program, and would require the city or city and county to engage in a public information campaign at least 30 days before implementation of the program, including information relating to when the systems would begin detecting violations and where the systems would be utilized. The bill would require the participating cities or city and county to issue warning notices rather than notices of violations for violations detected within the first 30 calendar days of the program. The bill would require the participating cities or city and county to develop uniform guidelines for, among other things, the processing and storage of confidential information. The bill would designate all photographic, video, or other visual or administrative records made by a system as confidential, and would only authorize public agencies to use and allow access to these records for specified purposes.

This bill would specify that any violation of a speed law recorded by a speed safety system authorized by these provisions would be subject only to the provided civil penalties.

The bill would, among other things, provide for the issuance of a notice of violation, an initial review, an administrative hearing, and an appeals process, as specified, for a violation under this program. The bill would require any program created pursuant to these provisions to offer a diversion program for indigent speed safety system violation recipients, as specified. The bill would require a city or city and county participating in the pilot program to submit reports to the Legislature, as specified, to evaluate the speed safety system to determine the system‘s impact on street safety and economic impact on the communities where the system is utilized.