SB 150

Connecting STIP to progress toward SB 375 climate targets


Allen (D- Santa Monica)


ClimatePlan, NRDC, TransForm

Bill Status: 

Passed out of Senate committees; under consideration by the full Senate

Transform Position: 


Thanks to SB 375, California's regional planning agencies are required to set goals for how to reduce driving, and create plans — called Sustainable Communities Strategies — to achieve those goals. But no one is currently monitoring whether or not we're making progress towards these important goals!

SB 150 would require the California Air Resources Board (ARB) to monitor regions to identify if they are on track to meet their climate goals by reducing driving, measured in vehicle miles traveled (VMT). SB 150 would further require regions to submit to ARB a list of proposed transportation projects, ranked in order of their ability to reduce VMT. Finally, SB 150 would require State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) funds be used to prioritize projects that reduce VMT, if it is found that a region is not on track to meet their VMT reduction goals.

This bill would strengthen our state's climate efforts significantly, by holding regions accountable not just for planning to reduce climate pollution, but for actually achieving real reductions in climate pollution from driving. TransForm has long advocated for regions to design and build communities that offer real transportation choices, and we are proud co-sponsors of SB 150 as a major step forward toward that vision.