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  We have finally hit the point in the Sustainable Communities Strategy process where MTC has developed a comprehensive Transportation Investment Strategy. We have just sent MTC a letter with...
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TransForm encourages the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, Bay Area agencies, and the High Speed Rail Authority to move forward with the Bay Area strategy that will offer great benefits to...
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On February 22, a majority of MTC commissioners honored their prior decisions and rejected an attempt to prioritize politics over performance. As described in a previous post, MTC was considering...
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We're getting close to decision time: which projects to include in or exclude from Plan Bay Area (the Regional Transportation Plan & Sustainable Communities Strategy). That's why TransForm...
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Groundbreaking analysis by MTC looks at which projects will get the Bay Area towards social and environmental goals, but overstates the benefits of “congestion relief” By Stuart Cohen,...
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On September 28, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission approved submitting an application to the California Transportation Commission for authority to build a network of Express Lanes. The...
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LATE-BREAKING NEWS! Just-released independent analysis is a powerful critique of MTC Express lane application: "we find MTC’s evaluation to be an overly optimistic portrayal of project benefits...
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On Friday, Sept 9, the MTC Planning Committee will be asked to approve a multi-billion-dollar express lane network that fails to reach its potential to increase the quality of life for all Bay...
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Transportation funds should reward cities that do the most to plan and deliver sustainable and equitable development near transit. The "Strategic Investments for a Better Bay Area" platform,...
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As we reported in our last blog post, advocates and advisory committee members came out in droves to the June 10th joint meeting of the MTC Planning Committee and ABAG Administrative Committee to...



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