Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC)

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This morning the Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s Planning Committee heard a report on five “Alternative Scenarios” that staff from MTC and the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG)...
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As the Bay Area’s regional agencies gets rolling on its first-ever Sustainable Communities Strategy, there was incredible enthusiasm for their ten adopted targets.  Sure, SB 375 required two of...
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Anyone who thinks American public process is dead should have come out for today’s Metropolitan Transportation Commission meeting.  The Commission today voted on the Planning Committee’s...
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Well, that was an exciting meeting! This past Friday's MTC Planning Committee meeting wrapped up with a choice for Option 2 in the "committed projects" policy debate.  "Committed projects...
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  What better time to inaugurate a blog on progressive transportation choices than when there’s a crucial debate at hand like the Bay Area Metropolitan Transportation Commission's...



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