BART Board, we pledge our support

Winter is coming, and the forecast in California says wet and rainy. While rainy days are notorious for causing slow traffic on Bay Area roads, you can always avoid morning traffic by taking BART.

And when BART is delayed, it’s not the rain’s fault. Outdated infrastructure is to blame. When you mix old cables and exposed electrical wires with leaky tunnels, you get delays, power outages, and nowhere fast.

The good news is that the BART Board of Directors knows that BART needs fixing. They’ve listened to our concerns and agree that a) BART needs billions of dollars to spend on maintenance and improvement, and b) they should put a funding measure on the 2016 ballot to raise that money and keep BART on track.

BART needs our help to make this a reality. We have the power to help keep BART safe, frequent, reliable, and affordable for everyone in the Bay Area, if we vote for a BART funding measure in 2016.

Show the BART Directors that you’re on board with their plan: send them a message pledging your support for a big BART funding measure in 2016.