Fund the future of transportation, not the past

California leaders are working to pass a huge spending package that will determine transportation funding over the next ten years. The Legislature’s proposal would spend $6 billion a year for 10 years on transportation, but allocates a mere $215 million a year for public transportation from traditional funding sources. Call that a drop in the bucket or a slap in the face — either way it is woefully insufficient.

Please send an email to your legislators to demand more funding for public transportation and safer walking and biking in any transportation funding package. Transportation funding should also be tied to clear climate and equity goals.

A huge portion of the money in the Legislature’s proposals ($750 million) goes to a program that primarily funds highway expansion. This would lock California into more traffic and pollution for years to come, both of which disproportionately harm low-income communities. These communities urgently need better transit service and safer streets — and that’s what all Californians need if we are going to meet our climate goals and create more healthy, connected communities.

Prioritizing transit and walking and biking also creates good green jobs that can’t be outsourced, and supports our economy by helping people get to jobs, shopping, and more. People can’t get ahead if they can’t get around, and everyone benefits when the most vulnerable people have an easier time getting where they need to go.

Please email your state representatives now to ensure that any new long-term transportation funding source prioritizes public transit, and to tie all transportation funding to clear climate and equity goals.

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