Help bring Bus Rapid Transit to El Camino Real!

We’re so close to bringing bus rapid transit to El Camino Real. But there’s one huge decision left.

This December, the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) Board will vote YES or NO on bringing a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) line to El Camino Real.

BRT with bus-only lanes, better bike lanes, and sidewalk improvements would transform El Camino Real into a safer and better street to travel along.

And a recent independent study proves that BRT with bus-only lanes will cut travel times in half and won't have a dire impact on car traffic on El Camino Real. The report called BRT “the most appropriate mode for transit suitable to the corridor land-use and long-range vision.” It confirmed that a ride on BRT from Palo Alto to San Jose would be incredibly fast - 40 minutes faster! - and reliable.

Despite this solid evidence, opponents are using fear tactics to pressure decision makers to abandon the El Camino BRT project claiming that it will slow traffic “to a near standstill.”

That’s why it’s so important that you speak up today to make BRT a reality along El Camino Real. Tell the VTA Board and your elected officials how BRT will benefit your commute and your community.

Send an email now to support Bus Rapid Transit for a better El Camino Real!