State leaders remove oil reduction provision from SB 350

With two days left in the legislative session, Governor Brown and leaders of the Legislature announced they would remove the provision from SB 350 that would have set a goal for the state to cut petroleum use by 50% by 2030.

Oil industry front groups had been fighting hard against SB 350 to protect their profits, spreading lies through expensive advertising campaigns and lobbying around the state. We're extremely disappointed that not enough of our state leaders stood up to pressure from the oil industry.

Yet even as the Sacramento Bee calls this "a major setback for Gov. Jerry Brown's climate agenda," there are two significant silver linings to note.

First of all, we know that TransForm's efforts made an impact in the debate about SB 350. Thanks to emails from people like you, state leaders had recently strengthened SB 350 to include investing in ways that make it easier and safer to get around without a car (like bike lanes, safe sidewalks, and reliable buses and trains). We made SB 350 better, and we will continue to press for better public transportation, safer walking and biking, and more affordable homes near transit to be a focus of California's climate protection initiatives.

What's more, SB 350 will now most definitely become law - and the remaining two parts to the bill are important steps towards curbing greenhouse gas emissions. California will set the targets of 50% renewable energy and a 50% increase in energy efficiency for buildings statewide by 2030. We still support SB 350, and we remain committed to keeping our state on the path to improved public health, a strong economy, and cleaner air.

And you can still help! State leaders are debating transportation funding in a special legislative session focused on fixing our roads - but roads alone are not the answer. Email your representatives now to urge them to include public transportation in the plan to get California moving again.

Thank you again for being part of the movement to transform transportation in California.