Support SB 9, if amended to bring better transportation to low-income Californians

Californians care about doing what’s right for the planet, and what’s fair for everyone.

That's why we support Senator Beall's SB 9, if amended.

SB 9 is a good bill - and it could be great with one small tweak. Right now, it contains a requirement that prioritizes giving money to communities who receive nonstate funding. That would make it nearly impossible for working class and poor communities who already receive state funding to win new funding for transportation projects.

All Californians deserve safe, reliable, and affordable transportation choices to get to their jobs, healthcare, school, and more. It’s the right (and fair) thing for our communities, our state, and our climate. SB 9 will be heard soon in the Assembly Natural Resources Committee. Senator Jim Beall should work with his colleagues in the Assembly to remove this requirementso that SB 9 can truly help lift up our communities and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Send an email to Senator Beall and Assemblymembers now urging them to SUPPORT SB 9 if it's amended!