Thank the Assembly for passing AB 2222!

 Michael Halberstadt

Students in California face a lot of challenges - getting to school shouldn't be one of them.

That's why we are proudly co-sponsoring AB 2222, a bill that would invest money from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund in transit passes for K-12 and public college students across the state. This would give millions of students in California access to discounted and affordable public transportation, saving them and their families money and reducing our state's greenhouse gas emissions.

And we're starting to see success with this campaign!  AB 2222 was recently approved by the Assembly and now moves to the Senate for committee review - and while the future of AB 2222 is still uncertain, we're thrilled to have cleared this important hurdle and grateful to the Assemblymembers who voted "Aye" for AB 2222.

Let's let our state leaders know we appreciate their support. Email your Assemblymember to say THANK YOU for passing AB 2222!

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