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 Noah BergerUpdated 11/5/2014: This ballot measure PASSED with 69.56% of the vote. Read a round-up of all 2014 election results here.

It’s official! Alameda County’s 2014 transportation funding measure finally has a name: Measure BB.

We’ve been excited about this funding measure for several months and now that it has an official ballot name, we’re even more enthusiastic in urging a YES vote on Measure BB in November.

Measure BB would increase the existing Alameda County transportation sales tax from 0.5% to 1%, and extend it another 30 years.  It is endorsed by a diverse group of organizations, including TransForm, Bike East Bay, Genesis, Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE), Bay Area Council, Cal Alliance for Jobs, and others.

We support Measure BB because not only will it ensure that Alameda County residents will have reliable and affordable transportation choices, but because, as northern California’s largest transportation funding measure ever, it sets an outstanding example of how local communities can raise the money they need for critical transportation improvements.

If passed, Measure BB will provide funding for making AC Transit, BART, and walking and biking better, including:

  • Improving existing BART, bus, and commuter rail service,
  • Keeping transit fares affordable for students and youth, seniors, and people with disabilities,
  • Fixing potholes and repaving streets,
  • Expanding bike and pedestrian paths.

For these reasons and more, TransForm supports a YES vote Measure BB in November.

There are many ways you can lend a hand and support Measure BB.

This week only, GJEL Accident Attorneys will match any donation you make to support our staff’s campaign time. Your support will give us the flexibility we need to be on the ground today through November 4, knocking on doors and campaigning to make sure we win.

To learn more about Measure BB, read our endorsement post and visit

If you are interested in getting involved with our efforst to pass Measure BB, sign up here, or contact Joel Ramos.



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