BART’s golden moment

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 Frederica Armstrong.Bay Area sports are feeling pretty golden right now. For the second year in a row, the Golden State Warriors have dominated the NBA season, impressing us with their superhuman athleticism and endearing us with their off-the-court plays.

As we head into the playoffs, more and more fans will be relying on BART to get them to all of the games and celebrations – which is great for alleviating traffic, reducing air pollution, and lowering the risk of drunk driving – but not so great for the already crowded BART cars that are barely able to keep daily commuters on track and on time. Not to jinx it, but last year’s Warriors parade brought 548,078 people* to downtown Oakland on BART – that’s the second highest ridership number in BART history! The 2012 San Francisco Giants parade claims the spot of number one highest ridership day with 568,068 riders*.

Clearly, the Bay Area has many reasons to celebrate. A reliable, safe, and comfortable BART system should be one of them.

Instead, regular BART riders have had to endure weeks of unpleasant conditions, from mystery electrical glitches to sardine-like commutes. And BART isn’t in the dark; the people running the system know that BART needs fixing. To quote one particularly frank tweet from @SFBART last month: "BART was built to transport far fewer people, and much of our system has reached the end of its useful life. This is our reality."

Fortunately, the current BART Board of Directors is now heading in the right direction for a new and better BART reality. They want to put a funding measure on the 2016 ballot that would raise $3.5 billion to be invested in repairing, maintaining, and improving BART’s existing service. This money would help relieve crowding and reduce traffic congestion, keep trains on time and on track, and ensure that everyone can get where they need to go – whether it’s a record-breaking Warriors game or childcare, school, the doctor’s, or work.

Show your BART Director that you’re on board with their plan for a better BART. Send them an email pledging your support for a $3.5 billion funding measure on the 2016 ballot!

Go Warriors, and go BART!

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