Baseball, BART, and the 2016 ballot

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Spring is in the air, and if you’re like me, you’re counting down the days until April 5: Opening Day.

Oakland A’s fans brushing up on their Bernie lean have been waiting for April 5, 2015 since time stopped on October 1, 2014. And even though history would have this be an “off year” for the 2010, 2012, and 2014 World Series Champion San Francisco Giants, fans are already sporting their orange and black, hungry to break the team’s odd-year championship fast.

Whether your home base is AT&T Park or the Oakland Coliseum, Bay Area baseball fans know that BART is the best way to get to the games. To recognize how important BART is to keeping the Bay Area connected to the national pastime, we made BART its very own baseball card with all the vital stats of our region’s transportation MVP. 

BART Baseball card statsNo one wants to get stuck on the train and miss the first pitch.

That’s why it’s so important that the BART Board of Directors start raising money to fix and improve BART’s core system as soon as possible.

With overcrowded cars and now-regular delays caused by “equipment problems”, BART is in dire need of repairs. But instead of investing to improve its existing system, BART leadership has spent billions on expensive extensions that serve 1% of BART’s total ridership. The BART Board of Directors needs to focus its attention and spending on maintenance, so that BART is safe, frequent, reliable, and affordable for everyone.

Tell your BART Director to put a BART funding measure on the ballot in 2016 to keep BART running smoothly, through baseball season and beyond!

You can learn more about BART's stats here and here.


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