Eight reasons we’re excited for school to start again

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As August comes to an end, kids across Alameda County are busy organizing their backpacks, pumping up their bike tires, and picking out outfits for the first day of school. But they’re not the only ones excited about school starting...

The staff of Alameda County’s Safe Routes to Schools (SR2S) Program can hardly sleep. They’ve spent all summer shining their golden shoes and gearing up for another great year of helping more students (and parents) safely walk, roll, and carpool to school.   

So what are our eight shining staff most excited about this year?

Nora Cody: “I’m excited to launch our new collaboration and expansion of the Safe Routes to Schools program in Oakland! Dubbed “Be Oakland, Be Active”, this project brings together TransForm, the Oakland Unified School District, Alameda County Public Health Department, and the Oakland Police Department to expand Safe Routes to Schools to every low income elementary school in Oakland. Schools will have the option to choose from a menu of services including student safety patrol, walk and roll to school events, helmet safety assemblies, and much more.”

Terry Farias: “As we start a new year with schools, I am particularly excited to see our program growing and now reaching at least half of the county's K-12 public school students. I know that broad presence gives us the wonderful opportunity to help thousands of families make healthier and greener transportation choices.”

Carrie Harvilla: “My favorite part of back-to-school season is getting my bike tuned up and ready to pedal to schools that feel like old friends, and new schools I'm excited to get to know. That, and getting fashion inspiration from all the kids in their every-color-of-the-rainbow clothes.” 

Jennifer Holmes-Ledet: “I am excited for the start of the school year to get back in the classroom working with students. I find such gratification in seeing individual kids learning and experiencing something new.”

Stephanie Jim: "I'm always excited about hosting so many different activities at all the schools we work in. Being greeted early in the morning by hundreds of smiles and enthusiastic high fives is enough to make me excited for days."

Darrell Davis: "I am so excited for this school year because it will be the start of my second year coordinating and presenting the Safe Routes to Schools program to my schools. I was really stressed last year trying to learn the program, meet the faculty and students, and also deliver fun and creative programming to my schools. After seeing the smiles on the faces of the students, it showed my efforts were successful. I look forward to planning and coordinating this year's events with the faculty and students at my schools."

Rachel Davidman: “One thing that excites me ​about the start of the new year, is knowing that we help more kids get on bikes, feel more confident, and become better bicycle riders."

Alissa Kronovet: “This year, I'm excited to expand our high school team and program to 12 schools throughout Alameda County. This will bring us to approximately 30,000 high school students - a great achievement since we started the upper school program in 2011. I love meeting new students from different cities, and learning about their school culture, what makes them excited about our program, and hearing their ideas for carrying out Safe Routes at their school.”

If you’re fired up about helping more kids walk and bike to school and want to get involved, Walk and Roll to School Day is just around the corner! To register your school for this event on Wednesday, October 7, please fill out this form. If you would like to join the Safe Routes to Schools Program, please fill out this application form for elementary schools or middle/high schools.  


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