TransForm’s Election Guide - November 2014

Election Day will be here before you know it – and we sure hope you’ll be voting on Tuesday, November 4! As a non-profit organization, TransForm can’t endorse candidates for office, but we can take positions on ballot measures, and actively engage in campaigns for or against them. 

There are a few key ballot measures in 2014 that could have a big impact on transportation and land use. Here are our official positions:

Vote YES on Alameda County Measure BB

Voters should support this increase in the transportation sales tax to fund critical improvements, including restoring cut bus service, making unprecedented investments in safer walking and biking, and repairing potholes on local roads. Read our detailed analysis of Measure BB.

Vote YES on San Francisco Proposition A

Voters should support this $500 million investment in updating the City’s 100-year-old transportation system, including sorely needed Muni repairs and improvements for bicycle and pedestrian safety. Read more about why we support Measure A.

Vote YES on San Francisco Proposition B

Voters should support this City Charter amendment to increase the share of general funds allocated to transportation each year, based on population growth, to help address the backlog of transportation needs plaguing the city. The funding would be used for new buses and trains and more public transportation operations. Read more about why we support Proposition B.

Vote NO on San Francisco Proposition L

Voters should oppose this misguided attempt to roll back San Francisco’s forward-thinking parking policies, which would increase traffic, making the city’s streets more clogged and more dangerous.  Read more about why we oppose Proposition L.

Vote NO on Berkeley Measure R

Voters should oppose this undemocratic attempt to undo several key components of the Berkeley Downtown Area Plan, which would result in less housing affordability, and more traffic and climate pollution. Read our full analysis of Berkeley Measure R.

Vote YES on Oakland Measure FF

To prevent rising threats of displacement, voters should pass this measure to establish a living wage in Oakland. In Oakland, Measure FF would raise the minimum wage to $12.25/hour, with sick days and future cost-of-living increases. For more information, visit Lift Up Oakland's website

Vote YES on San Francisco Proposition J

Like Measure FF, Proposition J would help prevent rising threats of displacement by establishing a living wage. In San Francisco, Proposition J would raise the minimum wage to $15/hour, in a series of steps from now through 2018, and into the future indexed to inflation. For more information, visit the San Francisco Living Wage Coalition. 

Additionally, some Bay Area voters will have a chance to vote for BART and/or AC Transit Directors this year.  These are the people who call the shots on important public transportation decisions - some of which are the focus of TransForm campaigns, such as East Bay Bus Rapid Transit and Save BART

Please be sure to cast a vote in the following BART and AC Transit Board of Directors races if they are on your ballot. Click the link to see what the League of Women Voters has to say about the candidates. Again, TransForm does not endorse candidates; asterisk denotes incumbent.

BART District 4: *Robert Raburn, Lena Tam, Larry Lionel Young
BART District 8: *James Fang, Nicholas Josefowitz, Flash Gordon

AC Transit Ward 4: *Mark Williams, Murphy McCalley
AC Transit Ward 5: *Jeff Davis, Kewal Singh
AC Transit At-Large: *Joel Young, Adrienne Andrews, Dollene Jones

You must register to vote by October 20 in order to be able to vote this November. So make sure you’re on the voter rolls and…thank you for voting!


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