Happy International Women's Day from the Women of TransForm

Like many nonprofits, the majority of TransForm's staff is female. In many ways, though, TransForm is a special place for women. Our deep focus on equity coupled with our exceptional work-life balance gives us a unique organizational perspective. In celebration of International Women's Day, we're sharing what the women of TransForm value about our work and what it is like for us to work at TransForm.







Jennifer West, GreenTRIP Policy Analyst

We are all optimists here - hoping to leave a better world with less car traffic, pollution, more active transportation, more equity -- right? As a mother, I am so proud that my kids know this is my work! I make them take buses, ride their own or hop on the back of my bike, drive less. Because of my work at TransForm, I know they are very aware of these issues, and see that we can all do our part to make improvements happen. It is having hope!
Women take care of the earth, and make social connections. We are powerful at doing this work for those reasons.

Jo Ann Prompongsatorn Farrant, Operations & Organizational Culture Director

At TransForm we come from a Social Justice and equity perspective and this is important to me. As someone that helps to develop our staff members, it is important to know that we value and take action to ensure diverse voices are heard from women and staff of color who are not in management positions. As a woman, I feel like I have a voice here at TransForm because we do our best to acknowledge what it means to be a human being within our roles. Our discussions around how to have difficult conversations and the importance of acknowledging the person behind the role have moved us forward as an organization immeasurably. This means I can show up as a woman with specific needs that may be different than my male coworkers.

Bianca Taylor, Communications Associate
I am motivated by TransForm's mission for a lot reasons. As a woman, I know all too well how walking, biking, and even riding public transportation can feel like dangerous endeavors. If streets aren't well-lit, or if you have to wait alone for too long at a bus stop because it's delayed or only comes once every 30 minutes, your safety feels compromised and you feel vulnerable. Women should be able to travel wherever we want, at whatever time of day, independently and free from fear. That's why I am proud to work at TransForm, amongst lots of brilliant and dedicated women, to improve the mobility and equality for all women in California.
Rachel Davidman, Safe Routes to Schools Education Manager
As a proud TransFormer and member of the Safe Routes to School team, I wasn't always so confident on my bicycle. Since my time here, I've become a League Certified Instructor by the League of American Cyclists, and taken to the streets on my bicycle in a whole new way. One of my greatest joys is teaching young girls how to ride, and encouraging girls to feel more confident on their bicycle by assisting with the Safe Routes to Schools bicycle education programming, and by organizing district-wide festivals that bring families together to celebrate all things bike, and to learn how to be confident and safe bicycle riders. The smiles that come from feeling bike balance for the first time, or the confidence that comes with using hand signals to make turns is priceless.  More girls on bikes can only be a good thing. And more girls who feel like they are a "boss" on their bike is even better! 
Shannon Tracey, Communications Director
When I was a kid, my mom tried to keep me safe by telling me that bad things would happen to me if I went places alone, including riding my bike through our quiet, leafy New England town. Times were different then. I want to keep my daughters safe by making our communities better places for everyone, and encouraging them to stand up for what they believe in. I work at TransForm because it gives me an opportunity to help create the world I want to live in. I tell my girls that I go to work so there can be more buses and trains, and safer places to walk and bike.

Carrie Harvilla, Safe Routes to Schools Program Manager

One of the most meaningful parts of my work with Safe Routes to Schools is supporting moms and daughters in riding their bikes for everyday transportation. When women and girls feel safe and at ease bicycling in their neighborhoods, I believe it is one of the greatest indicators that a place is truly bike-friendly for all people. Throughout history, bicycles have been a means of female liberation and independence - I gain inspiration from women around the world today, like these ladies in Gaza,  who are helping each other be healthy and free. 



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