Housing and transit advocates stand together for Prop A in San Francisco

//sfhousingnow.org/The future of the Bay Area depends on how well we can connect people to homes, jobs, and transit. Proposition A, an affordable housing bond on the San Francisco ballot this November, is critically important for everyone living in the city, as well as for housing advocates, transit users, and people who care about the future of our cities.

At the Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California (NPH), we see evidence every day that our housing market is badly unbalanced. Too many families, seniors, and people with special needs are being priced out of the neighborhoods they once called home. People unable to afford housing where they work are forced to commute long distances, hurting productivity, family time, and our climate. Seniors have to choose between food or medicine and paying the rent. Children lack stable, secure homes to grow up in. Too many Bay Area veterans are homeless and struggling to keep a roof over their head.

That’s why I’m thrilled that TransForm has joined NPH in supporting Proposition A, and urge San Francisco voters to vote YES on A in November.

Prop A will:

  • Provide new housing for low and middle-income families, seniors, veterans and people with disabilities
  • Repair dilapidated public housing for San Francisco’s lowest-income families
  • Offer loan assistance for teachers and first-time homebuyers
  • Help ease the housing crunch in the Mission District

All Proposition A funds will go directly toward building more housing for low-income and middle-class families. 

In NPH’s nearly four decades of advocacy, we have learned what it takes to ensure a robust supply of quality, affordable homes. We work to grow a strong movement for affordable homes in communities throughout the Bay Area for families, seniors, veterans and people with disabilities. We are policy advocates, community leaders, developers and businesses working every day to make the Bay Area a place where everyone has a home. 

We are proud to partner with transit advocates like TransForm in securing greater opportunity and security for low-income families. As research has demonstrated, investing in housing also improves children’s health and success in education. Moreover, affordable homes near transit open the door to opportunity, boost ridership, reduce commuting time and greenhouse gases, and contribute to better air quality.

In fact, TransForm’s 2014 report, “Why Creating and Preserving Affordable Homes Near Transit is a Highly Effective Climate Protection Strategy” co-authored with the California Housing Partnership Corporation, is an excellent resource to learn more about the important relationship between affordable homes, public transportation, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Investing in affordable homes through Prop A will ensure a brighter future for San Francisco residents of all income levels and create jobs. That’s why NPH and TransForm are joining the Council of Community Housing Organizations, Chamber of Commerce, Building Trades and Labor Councils, SPUR, and all eleven Supervisors to support Prop A.

We further urge your support for Proposition K, which prioritizes affordable home construction on surplus public lands. Our forty-nine square miles are a precious resource, and re-use of public land should create affordable homes.

Everyone deserves a stable place to call home. Transit-oriented and affordable homes improve our health, our children’s ability to succeed in school, our environment and air quality, our commutes, and our region’s economy. We need new and expanded housing policies, like Prop A and K, to keep San Francisco the diverse and inclusive city that we love.

This is an incredible opportunity for transportation and housing advocates to work together for that vision.  Please join us in voting Yes on Propositions A and K this November 3.


Amie Fishman is executive director of the Nonprofit Housing Association of Northern California, a membership organization of 750 affordable housing advocates, developers and providers. NPH members generate innovative and practical solutions, leveraging local dollars to bring millions in state, federal and private investment into neighborhoods. We create thriving, inclusive communities, with supportive services and an enduring commitment to quality affordable homes for generations.


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