I’m frightened…that Measure BB won’t pass on Tuesday

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Yes on Measure BB for better biking, better BART, better buses

I love Hallowe’en. Ghosts, Jack-o-Lanterns, candy corn, and pint-sized superheroes knocking on my door – is there any holiday more delightful, and frightful?

But this year, I’m haunted by a terrifying possibility that’s just a few days away, on Election Day.

What if Measure BB, Alameda County’s transportation funding measure, doesn’t pass?

The idea sends chills down my spine.  Measure BB is needed to keep our East Bay communities moving, by funding numerous important improvements for all modes of transportation. There is so much at stake:

  • As someone who bikes almost every day, I’m afraid we’ll lose out on $1 billion in improvements for biking and walking. That’s billion with a B – a fourfold increase in funding for projects that will make biking and walking safer!
  • As someone who also drives (because most of us do), I’m afraid we’ll continue to suffer from dangerous potholes and degraded roads that threaten the safety of everyone on the road – and will only get more expensive to fix the longer we wait.
  • As someone who rides the bus (thank you AC Transit line 18!), I’m afraid we’ll see more cuts to critical service that reduces traffic and provides a lifeline for seniors, youth, people with disabilities, and low-income riders.
  • As someone who also takes BART, I’m afraid we’ll see more delays and shutdowns that plunge our region into gridlock without warning, due to overdue maintenance and safety upgrades.
  • And as someone with two kids under the age of five, I’m afraid we’ll fail to make good on our responsibility to fight air pollution and provide local jobs that will keep the East Bay a place where our children and grandchildren will want to live in the future.

But the frightening truth is that despite all the benefits, it’s very uncertain whether Measure BB will succeed. This measure needs a 2/3 majority to pass – so we need every possible vote to win.

This is scary stuff, people!

So I’m asking you to help bury these fears and bring Measure BB to life. Please take a moment today, or this weekend, to help get more YES votes for Measure BB: volunteer, share this post on social media, or talk to a friend to make absolutely sure they’ll vote YES on Measure BB. And of course, be sure to vote! You can vote early, and even on the weekend.

Let’s keep the nightmares off our streets – and sidewalks, and bikeways. Let’s pass Measure BB! 


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