Keeping pride alive

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At TransForm, we have a lot of pride.

We’re proud of the work we do every day to make California a more connected and fair place for everyone to live. We’re also proud to work alongside one another, and of our commitment to creating an inclusive, equitable, and diverse workplace.

So when the Oakland Athletics announced they were hosting an A’s Pride Night, we jumped at the chance to represent TransForm, cheer on the A’s, and show some love for the Bay Area’s LGBTQ community.


Leaving from our downtown Oakland office, it was easy to hop on the Fremont BART train at the 12th Street Oakland City Center station and arrive at the Oakland Coliseum. One of the best parts about going to a sports game anywhere in the Bay Area is taking BART into the stadium with the crowds of other excited fans! 

BART keeps Bay Area pride alive!

Whether we’re sporting our favorite team’s colors on the way to the victory parade (first the Giants, now the Warriors…there must be something in the water!), or we’re decked out in head-to-toe rainbow for San Francisco’s annual Pride Parade (happening this Sunday, June 28) - we rely on BART to get us there.

That’s why it’s so important that the BART Board of Directors do everything they can to fix, improve, and invest in BART’s core service.

We need safe tracks, comfortable cars, clean stations, and dependable service so we can get to work, school, games, parades, and all of the things that make us proud to call the Bay Area home.

By 2016, BART will be carrying almost 430,000 people every day Monday through Friday. In order to keep up with this increase in riders, BART needs to close its $4.8 billion budget shortfall and invest money in keeping its system in excellent working condition. Some of BART’s equipment is nearly 40 years old – it’s time for an upgrade!

We can’t ignore this huge gap in funding, but we CAN tell the BART Board of Directors to put a big funding measure on the 2016 ballot!

This funding measure would be an enormous opportunity for BART to close the cap, invest in service, and keep our ride smooth. BART is the backbone of the Bay Area’s transportation network, and we’re proud of that.

Email your BART Director and tell them to GO BIG with a funding measure in 2016.



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