New certified projects in the Bay Area ease rent and transportation worries for residents

As rent and transportation costs in California continue to rise, families in the Bay Area are finding it harder to afford to live in the place they call home. 

That’s why we’re thrilled to award GreenTRIP Certification to three new residential developments in the East Bay. Instead of building more parking than needed, developers are instead putting hundreds of thousands of dollars towards ways that make it easy and affordable to get around without owning a car. These innovative strategies – such as free transit passes and car share memberships, and separating the cost of parking from rent – will save residents money, give them the freedom of having excellent transportation choices, and allow them to thrive in the place they call home. 

The three newest additions to the GreenTRIP Certified family are: 

GreenTRIP Certified developers can more easily provide affordable homes because they work with realistic parking requirements that don’t require wasting money on unused spaces. The impacts are multiplied as developers offer transportation benefits that help residents get around in ways that are safe, easy, and spare them the high cost of owning a car. 

At Riviera Family Apartments, located just north of Walnut Creek BART, residents will have affordable access to a car through on-site carsharing with free household memberships and an automatic 50% low-income discount on hourly driving rates. Instead of building more parking, this development will help the City double carsharing choices, increasing mobility for all those who don’t own a car.

Heritage Point, our first project in the unincorporated Contra Costa County community of North Richmond, provides two free AC Transit bus passes to each unit for 40 years. Two free passes may not sound like a lot, but the savings are equivalent to $1800 a year for households who would otherwise have to purchase expensive monthly passes.

The Overture in Berkeley will offer two free carshare memberships or two subsidized transit vouchers for each unit for 40 years. To make it easy for residents to get out of their cars and moving on bikes, 63 bicycle parking spaces will be installed in a secure bike room equipped with a bike repair station.

These projects will provide affordable and reliable transportation choices to support residents who have the option to save on expenses by living with one less car – or none at all. Residents will drive less, making our communities healthier by reducing greenhouse gas pollution by 32-63% (compared to the average Bay Area household). The result is a sustainable and healthy lifestyle for people of all incomes!

To receive GreenTRIP Certification, developers work with us to make sure their housing developments meet criteria and incorporate strategies to:

  • lower driving by residents, 
  • make transportation more affordable and offer more available modes of transportation, 
  • eliminate excessive parking, and 
  • help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

If you’re interested in learning more about GreenTRIP, or want to apply for GreenTRIP Certification yourself, please contact me.


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