New GreenTRIP Parking Database will help our cities thrive

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In today’s world, technology makes it easy for us to access enormous amounts of helpful information with the click of a mouse. There’s an app that helps us choose where to eat, an app that tells us when the next bus is coming, and now – with the launch of GreenTRIP’s Parking Database - there’s a new tech tool to help us build smarter, healthier, and better cities. 

The GreenTRIP Parking Database is an exciting new tool that will make our cities more affordable, vibrant, and safer places to live, work, and get around by empowering developers, community members, and city planners and decision makers with critical information on parking. 

Why data on parking?

Our cities have a problem when it comes to parking – a big one. As we tackle and solve this parking problem, our cities become more affordable, less polluted, and better places to live and work.

According to TransitCenter’s report Who’s on Board 2014 (also released today), more Americans want to live in cities, suburbs, and towns that are walkable. And the neighborhoods we live in affect the travel choices we make. 

But outdated city codes that demand minimum parking requirements stifle efforts to make communities more walkable and affordable. Developers have to build expensive parking structures, which drive up the price of homes and leave little money - or space - for parks, safe sidewalks, affordable homes, public transit, and other elements that make a community great.  

Plus we’re building parking that we’re not using, and it’s costing us millions. In collecting data for the database we found that the total cost of empty parking spaces at just 68 locations reached $139 million – and developers, cities, and residents are paying for it. 

How it works

The GreenTRIP Parking Database lets you easily search for data on parking provided and parking used at 68 sites (and growing) in the Bay Area. You can filter your search based on criteria including building type, location, transportation, affordability, and parking. Whether you’ve found your particular site, or a site that is similar to the one you’re interested in, you can compare data and create a report that is printable and downloadable. 

For more detailed instructions on how to access and use the database, watch the webinar of the Parking Database launch or visit

We made the tool – now it’s up to you to make great communities! 

We created the GreenTRIP Parking Database to support the efforts of those who care about making the Bay Area an affordable, healthy, equitable, and wonderful place for everyone to live, even as our cities grow to accommodate more people. Use the tool today to make the city where you live a better place for all!


About GreenTRIP: TransForm launched our innovative GreenTRIP program in 2008 with the goal of making our growing communities healthier and more affordable places to live, work, and get around. We achieve this by systematically addressing the barriers that prevent great development projects from being the standard through certifications, research, and policy change. 


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