From Oakland to Orlando

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 Flickr_maryMany of us in the TransForm office are finding it hard to concentrate at work today. Listening to the radio, reading the news, on the computer, talking with coworkers in the kitchen - it’s impossible not to be confronted with the horrible tragedy that occurred in Orlando over the weekend.

We are mourning the lives of people lost, as new names continue to be released. We are heartbroken and outraged at the unfair and all-too-familiar suffering wrought on our LGBTQ and Latino sisters and brothers, many of whom were just a few years into adulthood. And we are trying to wrap our heads around why, nearly every week, dozens of people in the United States are killed by people with guns.

From Oakland to Orlando, our nation has an epidemic. When we as a nation don’t take steps to curb access to guns, and don’t address mental health, we get tragedy. Tragedy in schools, movie theaters, offices, nightclubs, and on the streets. Tragedy felt by all communities. Tragedy that needs to end, and could end, if our nation’s leaders take action to stem the tide of violence with real policy change. 

TransForm stands in solidarity with the victims and families of gun violence in Orlando, and across the United States. We join those calling for immediate action to enact meaningful gun control now. As individuals and as a community, we are working to find ways to turn our frustrations and feelings into meaningful actions, and we invite everyone to do the same. We hope that we can all come together - across religions, sexual orientation, and races - and stand against this type of hatred and violence.

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