Is one more shutdown enough for a #betterBART? Not quite.

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 Ricky RomeroFor the hard-working staff of BART, Labor Day weekend won’t be a restful one.

Instead, maintenance crews will spend three whole days repairing and improving the Transbay Tube. This means that from September 5 - September 7 there will be no BART service between West Oakland and Embarcadero stations.  

Here's the visual beta on how to get across the Bay during the shutdown:

So just what is BART doing during these shutdowns?

The list is impressive. During the first closure over the weekend of August 1-2, BART got to work:

  • Replacing 6,500 feet of rail in the Transbay Tube (remember this terrifying image?)
  • Replacing 190 ties near West Oakland
  • Cleaning 571 third rail insulators to reduce fire hazard
  • And more – read the full list here.

This much-needed maintenance has already resulted in a much quieter ride, as you may have noticed! We applaud BART for taking these maintenance needs seriously and making the Transbay Tube safer.

But so much work still remains in order to get the whole BART system back to a state of good repair.

From cleaner stations to more cars for commuters during rush hour, BART’s laundry list of maintenance needs is long – much longer than can be addressed in two weekends of intense service. That’s why it’s crucial that we help BART get enough funding to fix and improve its aging system ASAP.

BART needs billions of dollars to close its budget gap, let alone cover repairs and improvements. If the BART Board of Directors decides to put a large funding measure on the ballot, it will be a huge step in supporting BART riders by revitalizing and repairing the backbone of the Bay Area’s transportation network.

Tell your BART Director that you support a big funding measure on the 2016 ballot!

And don’t forget to plan ahead for BART’s Transbay Tube shutdown on Saturday September 5, 6, and 7! Resources for alternative transportation, travel tips, and more can be found on BART's website

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