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 Rockwell CreativeAffordable housing" is a term we hear every day, in the news and in our neighborhoods. And while there are technical definitions that specify what makes a unit affordable based on income level, the true meaning of making homes affordable for working families can't be put into numbers.

For Esther Robert, an affordable home kept her and her family together and off the streets. It gave her a stable and safe place to overcome her struggle with addiction, raise her four children on her own, and excel at a full-time job. An affordable home wasn’t just a roof over her head. It was a second chance.

And thanks to California’s climate policies, families like Esther’s all across the state are getting safe, affordable places to call home in a way that helps clean our air. 

Read Esther’s story on UpLiftCA.org

Visit www.ClimateBenefitsCA.org to search for climate investments coming to your neighborhood, and see the benefits for yourself.

For more stories on how these investments are transforming people’s lives across California, visit www.UpLiftCA.org.


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