The San Francisco Giants bring giant numbers for BART

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Updated 10/30/2014: Go Giants!  Now that the home team has captured the pennant again, BART is expecting even more people for tomorrow's ticker-tape parade in San Francisco. They're planning for close to 600,000 fans - and with Hallowe'en festivities to follow, a breakdown would be very scary!

Tonight marks the San Francisco Giants’ first home game of the 2014 World Series, and it’s going to be huge.

Huge because not only did the Giants beat the odds to make it into the World Series (woohoo!), but because BART officials are expecting up to 500,000 people to ride BART to cheer them on. 

Last week, the San Jose Mercury News reported that ridership to AT&T Park reached 462,242 people on Thursday’s final National League playoff game – the fourth largest group of riders in BART history. 

It’s great to hear that half a million people are choosing to take BART to the game instead of driving their cars. Instead of spending hours in gridlock traffic and circling city streets for parking, fans who ride BART to the game save money, time, and pollute less. Plus there’s nothing like the wholly San Francisco experience of stepping off BART under the glow of the Embarcadero lights with hundreds of other enthusiastic fans decked out in orange and black. 

To accommodate all the additional passengers this week and next, BART will be adding 1-2 cars to trains and running the trains more frequently on game days. Because BART ridership is expected to grow much greater in years to come, this huge number of passengers will be the norm sooner than you might think.

But BART is already struggling with the maintenance needs to keep up with the 400,000 people who ride it daily. In order for BART to provide safe, reliable transportation for the people who rely on it to connect them to work, school, healthcare, and more, the BART Board of Directors must prioritize investing in maintenance and repair of the existing system. 

We’re cheering for the Giants, but BART could be the big winner no matter who takes home the trophy.

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