San Francisco voters can improve Muni service at the ballot box this November

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Updated 11/5/2014: This ballot measure PASSED with 71% of the vote. Read a round-up of all 2014 election results here.

We’ve all heard the complaints about overcrowded buses and strained service on San Francisco’s Muni system. On this November’s ballot, the voters will have an opportunity to approve a fix.

TransForm supports San Francisco’s proposed general obligation bond measure, Proposition A, also know as the “GO Bond Measure,” to improve the city’s transportation infrastructure.

Prop A couldn’t have come at a better time. Muni is straining under the weight of ever-increasing ridership despite a lack of sufficient funding for maintenance and reinvestment. 

The measure would redirect $500 million of property tax revenues (which are due to be freed up again) toward plugging the $2.2 billion shortfall of deferred maintenance on the city's 100-year-old transportation system.  

Some of the most exciting transit improvements the measure would fund are:

  • Improvements on Muni’s busiest routes – such as the 8X Bayshore Express, the 38/38L Geary, the 14/14L Mission, and all of the light rail lines
  • Upgrades to maintenance facilities to achieve greater reliability and fewer breakdowns across the entire system
  • Safer, more accessible street-level transit stops
  • Sorely needed BART and Muni station improvements including signage, escalator, and elevator upgrades.

The measure would also set aside funding for important bike and pedestrian safety improvements including:

  • Pedestrian signals, lighting enhancements, traffic calming measures, and wider, more visible crosswalks
  • 27 miles of new, safer, better-protected bikeways
  • Modernized traffic signal systems to improve pedestrian safety.

This general obligation bond would be the largest of its kind in history, and just one part of a multi-faceted strategy to get San Francisco's aging and neglected transportation system in top form by 2030. Prop A heads to the voters with backing from Mayor Ed Lee and unanimous support from entire Board of Supervisors.

Prop A will need a 2/3 super-majority of votes to pass, so TransForm urges all San Francisco voters to be sure to cast a YES vote for Proposition A on the November ballot. 

For more information about Proposition A or other San Francisco ballot measures, please contact Joël Ramos.

This is one in a series of voter recommendations that will be part of TransForm’s 2014 Election Guide.


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