State leaders stop AB 69, citing TransForm’s study among evidence for climate protection

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Thanks to the California legislature's latest decision, this little girl - like all of us - can breathe a little easier. On Friday, California Senate President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg officially killed AB 69, defeating the oil industry’s latest attempt to roll back our state’s cap-and-trade climate program.

Senator Steinberg sent a lengthy letter to the bill’s author, Assemblymember Henry Perea, explaining why he would not allow AB 69 to advance in the Legislature.  

Among the long list of environmental, public health, and economic reasons for stopping this bill was our oft-cited report Windfall for All, which shows how much money households can save by living in neighborhoods with great public transportation - $3,800 per year that could be spent instead on food, health care, education, or other important needs.  

With billions of dollars of cap-and-trade revenues to be invested in clean transportation and sustainable communities, more California families will be able to live in these kinds of neighborhoods. And since 25% of those funds must be used to benefit disadvantaged communities, our climate protection efforts are aiming these benefits directly at those Californians most in need.

That’s just one of the compelling reasons that cap-and-trade is good for California’s communities. We encourage you to read the letter for the full list of reasons laid out by Senator Steinberg.

The letter not only reinforces the importance of pressing forward with cap-and-trade, but also sends a message to the bill’s backers that further attempts to mess with climate protection efforts will not be received favorably.

That’s good news, because we know that AB 69 was just the latest in Big Oil’s long-term effort to weaken California’s powerful climate protection programs, especially cap-and-trade.

TransForm and our allies will continue to defend our state’s landmark climate program, to keep the oil industry from weaseling out of their role in curbing climate pollution and deliver maximum benefits from cap-and-trade to California communities.

You can help by thanking state leaders for stopping AB 69, and urging them to continue pressing forward to ensure California achieves the best possible future for our climate, our economy, our health, and our communities.

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